COMP1: Problem Solving, Programming, Data Representation and Practical Exercise

Essential Information:

  • 30% of A-Level
  • 2 hour on-screen examination (24th May 2010)
  • The question paper is divided into four sections:
 Section A:  Questions will examine the specification content not specific to the Preliminary Material
 Section B:   You will be asked to create a new program not related to the Preliminary Material or Skeleton Program.
 Section C:   Questions will refer to the Preliminary Material Preliminary and the Skeleton Program, but will not require programming.
 Section D:  Questions will use the Skeleton Program and the Preliminary Material.

Key Documents:

1.1 Fundamentals of Problem Solving (HEP)
1.2 Fundamentals of Programming (DST)

1.2.5 Functions & Procedures
1.3 Fundamentals of Data Representation (HEP)
1.4 Systems Development Life Cycle (HEP)
Preliminary Material:
Exam Preparation: